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Raven Loves The West Coast - and everywhere Canada

The older I get the more patriotic I become.   I have always admired my own country.   I love our national spirit, which has become more and more clear and definite about itself over the last 40 years.   As a man among men I have a certain pride about my country that I want to be able to continue unabated into the future.   Our leaders may have spent money on the Olympics rather than on child poverty, but right now today - I am proud to be Canadian.   God Bless Canada (Lee Greenwood)  


I edit and add to this item on another day -- and another Canadian piece from the internet - specifically from Tom Brokaw and NBC Nightly News during last winter's (2010) Olympics in Vancouver.   I think Brokaw has done a great job explaining Canada to the Americans in just over five minutes.   And apparently so have 362,577 other people on YouTube alone as I write this.   Go to 

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