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From The Raven's Branch - Random Thoughts Redone

Geography and Group Identity
It is my view that the identity of a New Warrior is not only a matter of his particular geography/culture with an slight MKP gloss on it. though that has its own validity and value, but also about the values and vision and aspirations (and the processes) that happen both on the Weekend and in the weekly I Group. It is the vision and values and processes of the ManKind Project that provide or ought to provide the core that makes the ManKind Project unique -- much as it is working the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions that makes an AA Group an AA Group anywhere you go in the world.

Two Kinds of Men?
The NWTA Weekend and the Integration Group /Community Circle are the most important things we do; they are the program component that makes our mission unique (changing the world one man at a time) and which allows the local to touch and be shaped by the global.

I agree with Gleb Gladwin that we are dealing with two kinds of men, two kinds of needs and wants. I believe that what Gleb affirms in speaking of male energy is an important part of what makes the NWTA "work" I also believe the feminine energy that is present in a man and which can be gold -pure male gold when embraced with the energies Gleb speaks of in weekly growth or integration groups.

We are big enough to handle two kinds of men. We are able to handle and we need to embody or recognize all male energies, including those that some may assert are feminine.... or shadow... or out of place in some way.

If we are unable to do that then perhaps we should call ourselves "old warriors" rather than "new warriors".

I believe that what formal structure we have should promote changing the world one man at a time; promote the specific values and processes of MKP, and aid the entire community to stand firm on the keeping those values and processes true to their original form as well as to their intent -- if at all possible. It is the program, the tools, that help not only a man to discover his strength, his gold, but to offer to him the opportunity to be part of a community where shadows are looked upon without fear and ones gold doesn't blind you to another man's gold.

Changing The World and Identity
I hear many initiated men complain about how there have been tens or hundreds of men take a NWTA and attend I Group once or twice, or even for a number of years, and then 'disappear' to do other stuff. That is a viewpoint that regards ones allegiance to the agent of change (an MKP Weekend, an MKP Group) as the main criteria of whether the MKP program works; as opposed to seeing a man go forth into the world to do what he conceives to be his mission (with hardly a look backward) as one of, if not the primary goal of MKP.

The more we fuss about not enough men helping out, the more we focus on how many 'active' men we have and how much money our community or MKP Canada etc has, rather than on being the change we want, the more we will decline.

Equally the more we change our program to assist us in recruiting men, the more we may loose our identity --- and move from being a movement that wants to change the world one man at a time to one that wants to be a premier training organization, or a shill for some particular sociological or political viewpoint.

For this reason I suggest that we will loose our identity and fail to fulfill our vision/mission if we do not pay very careful attention to our sources of funding, and any corporate or special interest sponsorships we may accept, or public policy pronouncements that we as a local men's group and/or national organization would like to make.

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Comment by Tester Tester on September 12, 2010 at 4:50pm
Gleb Gladwin may want to read this.

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