ManKind Project Community of Canada

Men mentoring men thru the passages of their lives.

CD WalkAbout to AB IG - How we can "do better"

Wed IG in Edm IG Rm Mar 16, 2011

  • explore new ways to let men know we are here


Thurs IG in Edm IG Rm Mar 31, 2011

  • explore other options to fund raising - develop strategy
  • site for NWTA - buy property - biz case/funding
  • Need Plan - more men to come to NWTA/more NWTA, explore more sources - councellors/psychologist
  • info session about MKP to key groups


Thurs IG in Edm Armstrongs Rm June 9, 2011

  • more new men
  • walk the talk
  • reaching back to less active warrior brothers, invite to new community, show changes
  • more community events, social, give back
  • improving IG facilitation skills
  • smooth out process in bringing new brothers into community

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