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Family of Men - Calgary Alberta

I came across a story in our local paper about a men's shelter in Calgary that takes in male victims of domestic abuse.   Here is the link to the Society that is running it.    Family of Men




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The Jungle's Edge - by Marjorie Fish (edited by Ann and Richard Fairchild)

My grandmother wrote a book about colonial life in British Malaya in the 1910s through to the mid 1930s.   She was the mistress of a rubber plantation, having married the manager in Ceylon and moved to the Far East a few weeks later.  I would love to hear feedback on the text and on the forward.


The Jungle's Edge by Dorothy Marjorie Fish.pdf 




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"If" by Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling
If you can keep your head when all about you 
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; 
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, 
But make allowance for their doubting too; 
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, 
Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies, 
Or, being…

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The End of Men

In the early 21st century men’s roles are in a profound state of flux, as the worst recession in since the 1930’s has destroyed millions of male jobs. Men are facing an uncertain future and a starker choice: adapt or perish.  


So says the promotional text for another high quality CBC Doc Zone presentation of "The End of Men".   Check it out by reading the article and/or viewing the promotional video extract.   


How is your life? What are you doing Thursday…


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Raven Loves The West Coast - and everywhere Canada

The older I get the more patriotic I become.   I have always admired my own country.   I love our national spirit, which has become more and more clear and definite about itself over the last 40 years.   As a man among men I have a certain pride about my country that I want to be able to continue unabated into the future.   Our leaders may have spent money on the Olympics rather than on child poverty, but right now today - I am proud to be Canadian.   …


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Shining Raven Is Told To Calm Down

The doctor has spoken.   Prayer, meditation, mindfulness, calm-centeredness, not thinking or talking so much are all on.   Squawking all the time is not on.   That is hard my friends.  But in that spirit another man shared this link on u-tube.    I like it a lot.    Click to view.   Ojibwa Prayer 

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Shining Raven Reveals The Light

There are many Raven Tales, but the one about Raven Bringing The Light is perhaps the best known and the most loved.


Raven is environmentally aware.   Even when it is by accident instead of design.


I happen to like a lot this Greenpeace sponsored advertisement that appeared on British TV a couple of years ago.  Click here for it.   British Hydro Commercial

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Raven Breaks The Speed Limit

Friday I received an e-mail from a brother stating how he felt about a series of thoughtless comments I had made to him. Without accusation or blame he suggested that I might be acting politically rather than out of love and respect for others.

He called it. I own it.

I feel sad.

My resolve - my want - is to slow down and operate out of the calm place inside me. When I do I feel empowered and people around me feel heard and respected. Within,…


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Pretty Pieces Selected Specially

My eagle eye -- well, my beady eye actually - constantly looks for the "bon mot' , the choice phrase, the apt piece of repartee. I have noticed that some of these…

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Raven Sees Cat - Raven has a Blonde Moment

This is one of the best cat videos I have ever seen. For a moment I thought it was one cat and a mirror! Duh....!! My only excuse for that blonde moment (I used to be one when I had hair) is that the video is really really good!.

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Hitchens Proclaimed Winner of Debate on Religion

Christopher Hitchens was proclaimed the winner of a debate with Tony…


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Vertical Fuel Cell Technology

I am really excited about where Honda has taken fuel cell technology to make the whole thing practical and truly truly clean energy. This because not only is the Honda an electric car, it gets its electricity from a clean power electrical source - solar energy!!! You do not plug this car in. You "fill it" with Hydrogen. It takes less than five minutes.

In Hybrid Cars the Prius is the top car. Over 85 miles a gallon in the city and 80 miles per gallon on the highway. An…

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Raven Admires Bear

What is a blog for? For me it is to do what I want to do: to be silly and wise and whatever tickles my fancy whenever I want to. I am only accountable to myself and to the limits of good taste that any of my readers might or might not have!

This picture below fits into all of those categories. Whatever! I just happen to like it.

Shining Raven also admires tough men who get the job done.



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Shining Raven Invites You To Meet Relentless Raven

Seriously - my wife found this video of a raven -- and the title of the video is Relentless Raven. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Neat litttle bird eh.

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Raven Boasts or An Example of Mission?

Lovin' Griz, a new warrior, an initiate into the tribe to which I belong, recently posted on this network three pictures of his Truck. The pictures showed various ManKind Project type decals on the truck . One decal asks: "How Is Your Life?" and provides MKP contact information if a man on the road who sees the decal wants to do something about it.

Simple recruitment techniques that work. Lovin' Griz has had much buzz occur because of his simple pictorial outreach. All he…

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A Proud Moment For A Young Man

Shining Raven boasts, Richard boasts, this night, and I am sure into the following days..

I boast about, I applaud, and I honor a young man by the name of Dawson. He is kind of related to me, so that I consider him and love him as a grandson, though genetically speaking there is no blood in our relationship.

Tonight, as a result of setting his own goals and working to obtain them - he received his first yellow stripe on his white belt in…

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A Shameless Plea

It has been two whole days, 48 hours, and poor old shining raven has only three friends so far inside the the MKP-Network - and one of them is himself!!!

Wisdom says "any port in a storm". But, wanting to have brothers who "friend me" is a need that I believe all men have. Call it a kind of community or a…

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AKA Shining Raven: The Story of a Name and A Drum

My name is Richard Fairchild. As I write this I am slightly over 58 years of age. Both accident and choice has brought me to the place where I am now. (See the attached link).…

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