ManKind Project Community of Canada

Men mentoring men thru the passages of their lives.

Why MKP Community?

These are some of the benefits with using the ManKind Project Community.

1) Less SPAM in your INBOX - Here at the ManKind Project Community, anyone can start a forum on a topic of their choice as opposed to sending it out on EMAIL lists - this is a "user pull" technology ... that is to say the users are in control of what they want to see. Users can turn off some or all EMAIL notifications in the "Settings" area.

2) Growing Community both local and national - Using Chat, Photo, Video, Forum features as well as private "Groups" for each Canadian Community.

3) Increase connection to other men & New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) attendance - This grows ManKing Project recognition as the site is open to everyone (except for Community "Groups" that are open to men that have gone thru a NWTA), connection to FB, Twitter and web sites, feature that allows members to Invite other men to join this network and it has future events listed such as NWTA's(for men).

4) An introduction of ManKind Project to others - Anyone can use the ManKind Project Community but only men can join a Community Group once they have participated in a New Warrior Training Adventure.

5) A connection to an international Community that shares a common vision - A place to donate to the ManKind Project ... using PayPal or major credit cards.

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