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Quick Start

This was written for those of you who have heard your friends and family talk about this "social media stuff" and you would really like to see what it is all about ... but you have this challenge when it comes to technology.  This is the risk free place to seize the opportunity to learn about ManKind Project and "social media" at the same time!  We spent some time to making this easy to get started.  So, if this is to be the day that you decide to take this challenge, then read on ...

First off, its not all reading and doing techi stuff ... play this 8min "Overview" video.  For those more comfortable with learning by watching it might be best if you watched the video first and then come back here when you are done.  This video will help you start to use the basics of this site.  You can even pause the video when you want, try out you learned and replay the section of the video should you get stuck ... what could be easier?

Overview - This contains similar information that is in the video. Most users tend to come back frequently to check the "Main" page for New Content. The "Main" page is made up of 3 panels or columns below the header ... left , middle and right.  The LHS has Mission, Members, Events and short blurbs with Links to other web sites containing more detail. The top middle section has a high level description of the site. Below this is a short description of ManKind Project. The box below this is a slideshow of uploaded Photos. Below that is a group of uploaded Videos. Below that are the Forums, Blogs and Donation boxes. The RHS has a box of actvities for you including the "Settings" where you can change your key personal settings such as privacy. The 5 MKP Canadian Communities are below that (along with some other function specific groups) with the Quebec Community having a translation facility. These are private areas that are for men that have participated in a NWTA and live in that Community. The box below that shows the recent activity. There is also a list of "tabs" across the top that will take you directly to the area you want to go. There are many ways to add content ... via the welcome screen whenever you sign-in, the main page or tabs (try the "My Page" tab). If you know of others that would like this Network, invite them via the "Invite" tab.

Personal Privacy - The first thing you might want to do is to set your own personal privacy. You can do this by clicking on the "My Page" tab on the top. Then the "settings" link on the far top RHS and next click on "Privacy" on the LHS. Now make the changes you want to make for your own personal privacy. We are going to work in the "Settings" area for a while now to get you set up. You can always come back and make changes here in "Settings".  Take a moment to click on and view the "Terms of Service" that is found way down at the bottom RHS of the "Main" page.

Upload Your Picture - While you are here, take the time to upload your picture so that other men have a visual of who you are. This is also done in "Settings" under "Profile". Just hit the browse button to search on your PC for your own picture you would llke to share with the rest of us and double click on it.  It may take a few minutes to get up on the site.  For those who use PDA's, this page also shows how to upload photos and videos from your PDA. You can also post to Twitter from here.

EMAIL Notifications - You might want to adjust the settings as to when you will see EMAIL notifications from this Network. This is done in the "EMAIL" tab in "Settings". You can choose to turn all of the EMAIL notifications off (at very bottom of page) or just some of them ... this is your individual choice ... and, you can always change your mind.

Customize "My Page" - Next, you can customize the appearance of your "My Page" to give it your own personal look. Try changing the "Appearance" or even adding "Apps". This site is using the "Poll Daddy" "App" to run polls as well as a English-French Translator "App" to translate the private Quebec Community Group.

Connect to FB/Twitter - The last item in the "Settings" area is "Connections". This is where you can connect this to your Facebook and Twitter. You really should take the time to enable these connection features. This will help in raising awareness of ManKind Project. It will enable your FB/Twitter friends to see this site. You can also send a photo, video, link or other things to your FB or Twitter accounts so as to share them with your friends in those places.

Cruise the Main Page - Now that you have done all of the above you are ready to cruise the Main page and try out the things that interest you. You will see that you can do this from the Main page or via the other tabs at the top. Check out the "Photo"/"Video" areas and rate them ... there are some great videos there. Try the 4 Star "Look at Yourself After Watching This" video. You can even upload your own favorite photos and videos.

Click on Links for More Detail - On the LHS, click on the links under the ManKind Project of Canada, MankKind Project Journal, ManKind Project Blogspot and a new window will open up on the appropriate web page that has a more detailed description.

Join Your Community Forum - If you have completed a NWTA, you might want to take the time now to join your Community "Forum". The "Forum" administrator will need to approve your join request. The information in each Community "Forum" is private to that particular Community "Forum".

Invite Others - Click on the "Invite" tab and invite some friends to join ... they do not have to just be Warriors. In fact, this is a great spot to send men to that you think would like to hear more about ManKind Project and even take the NWTA!

Feature Rich - There are many more features that I have not mentioned yet such as the ability to add your own "widgets", track RSVP for your events such as upcoming NWTA's, upload files into forums ,,, etc. Check them out.

Explore, enjoy the Network, invite others and provide feedback!

If you have any questions using this ManKind Project Network see or ask in "Forum" under "Network Health and Feedback".

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