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Men mentoring men thru the passages of their lives.

Pay With PayPal For NWTA, Non-NWTA & Donate, by Province/Community

First, click on the sub tab below for the MKP Province/Community that is holding the event you want to pay for


British Columbia:

Ontario: Temporarily out of order


Second, from the MKP Provincial/Community Paypal page choose the NWTA or Non-NWTA event drop down menu or Donation button.

Third, select the specific item in the drop down menu or use the Donation button to put in the amount you want to donate.

If you think you are seeing a cached web page and want to see the new web page then press the "CTRL" and "F5" at the same time to get the current page.

After you pay with PayPal, forward the Email receipt to your event registrar and bring a copy with you to the event. Please ensure that your Email and Snail Mail address are correct in PayPal and we will send a charitable receipt to Canadians for the portion that is Canadian tax receiptable.

Après avoir effectué le paiement, faites parvenir le reçu que vous recevrez par courriel à votre registraire. Veuillez vous assurer que votre courriel et que votre adresse postale sont valides dans Paypal et nous vous enverrons un reçu de charité pour la portion qui est applicable en don de charité.

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