ManKind Project Community of Canada

Men mentoring men thru the passages of their lives.

Ontario PayPal Payments

MKP-Ontario Community Donations  

Please ensure that your Email and Snail Mail address are correct when you make your donation. You can receive a charitable receipt for tax purposes

MKP Ontario New Warrior Training Adventure $150.00 Minimum Deposit Payment

MKP Ontario New Warrior Training Adventure $679.95 Early Registration if confirmed by October 18th

MKP Ontario NWTA Initiate Split Payments 2019

MKP-ON Split Payments 2019

Initiates: After you pay with PayPal, forward the Email receipt to your event registrar (Richard Stewart) and bring a copy with you to the event.  

MKP-Ontario NWTA Staff Fee $175.00

MKP-Ontario NWTA Hearth Keeper Fee

Hearth Keeper Fee 25 Per Night

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