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This conversation or discussion is intended to highlight MKP(i) material related to the MKP Mission.   As a man starting this discussion I also intend to use this space to highlight a philosophy of Mission and how to structure an organization so that it remains mission centered rather than becoming organizationally centered.   Vigorous debate and your personal elaborations of similar or contrary views are more than welcomed, they are the process by which a movement is both created and sustained.


Yours in Mission and Service

- Richard Fairchild +




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The first item is a Broadcast A Mail List message regarding Mission and Service Representatives etc. 


To all initiated men  interested in serving on the Mission Council and/or as Mission Coordinators for your Center:


The Mission Council is forming and as we move into MKP's 2011 "Year of Mission", we are holding our first phone bridge call. We will begin the process of solidifying our focus and forming committees as needed, to help bring Mission to the forefront of the work we do.  All are welcome on the call!

Call Details:

Date:  Thursday, January 20th


Time:  9 pm EST (announced first because the world revolves around those of us in the Eastern part of the country)  8-)

          8 pm CST

          7 pm MST

          6 pm PST (we've pushed it as late as possible to stay out of people's work times...)

Call Info:  218-862-6420

Password: 6-4-7-7-4-6  (that's the first six letters of M-I-S-S-I-O (n)


Topics for Discussion:

        --Introductions and Check-ins

        --Overview/Report from Ted & Z of our work to date and hopes/plans for the coming year

        --Input/feedback from you men on the above

        --Input from you on other topics/focuses that were not included

       --Organization of Committes as needed to address specific topics such as support, trainings and strategies for I-Groups in relation to Mission and Service-related work)

         --Closing check-out/Blessings/Nudges


We hope you all can make it.  And, please use this opportunity to invite any man that you may know who has passion in your area around Mission and may be thinking of stepping into playing a more active part in this to be on the call. 


Thank you all!  We look forward to a productive and inspiring meeting with you men!

With passion for Mission,

Ted Freedman, Proud Hawk

Z Newell, fiercely loving monkey

MKP Mission C-Coordinators




Good idea and very timely ! As least for me. I know my NWTP week end mission statement is not adequate and secondly, there is merit in our local MKP organization debating ways & means of becoming mission centered.


Where do we go from here?


Peter Moore

Grateful Timber Wolf


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