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THE MKP(i) MISSION - Creating A Movement where Mission is All.

Started by Richard Fairchild. Last reply by Peter Moore Jan 11, 2011. 2 Replies

This conversation or discussion is intended to highlight MKP(i) material related to the MKP Mission.   As a man starting this discussion I also intend to use this space to highlight a philosophy of…Continue

MKP-International - Marketing and Enrollment

Started by Shining Raven Dec 17, 2010. 0 Replies

The MKP-i Marketing Committee has devised a marketing tool that folk interested in Marketing or Enrollment may find helpful.   The Link is found here and leads to various "tools", one of which is…Continue

Call for Nominations for Chairman of MKP International

Started by Richard Fairchild Dec 13, 2010. 0 Replies

Men, Nominations are now open for the position of Chairman of MKPI.  The Chairman will be elected by the voting members of the MKPI Council at its Annual Meeting on February 5 at Glen Ivy,…Continue

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Comment by Shining Raven on January 1, 2011 at 4:37pm

The following note came from Ken Hawk With Gold Fearnley and was addressed to the Broadcast A Mail List.   It is self explanatory.   (-Richard+)


Information from Ken Fearnley


I will be standing for the position of Chairman of MKPI at the annual meeting in Glen Ivy.  I have been Vice Chair for the last year, Centre Council Chair for the previous 2 years and Structure Chair the year
before that. 


George Daranyi has done an exceptional job over the last 3 years and I have enjoyed working with him and supporting him as we moved through the various stages of reorganizing the project.  I am now ready to step up to
the Chair for the next phase of the process.


It will be the Project Council which elects the Chair at the end of their meeting on February 5, 2011.  The Project Council is now much smaller than in the past, so I think it is important that a broad group of
warriors know who is standing for these important positions.  I am posting this
information to as many lists as I can to give you an opportunity to provide
input to your representative on the Project Council or to offer challenges or
support to me in my quest.  Please post this message to any lists you


My mission is to create a world where no man stands alone by reaching out to men around me and around the world.  Every day I stretch into my mission.  The part about no man standing alone is about public service.  My
career for the last 30 years has been in public service, managing not for profit
organizations that provide supportive housing to low income seniors.  This has
given me a wealth of experience to apply to the MKPI Chair position.  I have
been the CEO of a not for profit with 400 employees and an annual operating
budget of $20 million.  The second part of my mission connects with my deepest
wound and shadow.  I fear connecting with men at an authentic level, I fear I
will be shamed, laughed at, bullied.  It is much easier to withdraw into my cave
and live in my fantasy world.  That shadow shows up with me becoming controlling
and a tyrant.  I have learned to access my compassion and unconditional love and
connect with men at a deep authentic level, but it continues to be a struggle
every day.


MKPI is in the midst of the trauma of divorce.  The separation of MKP into MKPI and MKP-USA was like a divorce, sometimes amicable and sometimes not.  The separation is not yet complete and both organizations
have not yet found their purpose or vision.  The key task of the Chairman for
the next year or two will be to hold the King energy as the many decisions are
made that complete the separation.  The second task will be to inspire MKPI to
greatness after the contraction of separation.  I can do this.


A little about Ken Fearnley.  I was initiated in May 2000 at Gull Lake Alberta and am a member of the Canada West community that has become MKP Alberta.  I have lived all my life near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Over the
last ten years I have served on the Canada West Board, the MKP Canada Board,
Centre Director for Canada West, MKP Structure Chair, MKP Centre Council Chair
and MKPI Vice Chair.  I am a CLC and will be sitting for certification for
Co-Leader at Glen Ivy.


I have been married to Kathryn for 23 years.  She and our children completely support my MKP journey.  When we started dating she said “if I wanted to have a relationship with her I needed to do some personal work”, so
I joined a men’s group and have been on this journey of self exploration for 25


The main weakness that I am aware of is my lack of long term institutional history.  I wasn’t there in the beginning when MKP was getting started.  I will need to develop a court of support that includes the founders
and men with long memories.


I am open to any feed back any warrior chooses to give me.


Ken Fearnley

Hawk with Gold


Comment by Richard Fairchild on December 24, 2010 at 1:44am
Seasons Greetings.   Merry Christmas.   Joyful solstice.   The world is as it is, so let us all be the change we want to see and have a darn fine time these next few days.
Comment by Shining Raven on December 17, 2010 at 2:16pm

Marketing Tool Idea for MKP.:   The MKP-i Marketing Committee has devised a marketing tool that may be worth various folk looking at who are interested in Marketing and/or Enrollment.    The Link is found here and leads to various "tools", one of which is called "What is Your MIssion".:


ManKind Project: Marketing Support Team and Submit Your MIssion


Contacts are Ted Freedman (Proud Hawk) and Z Newell (Fiercely Loving Monkey), the MKPi Mission  Co-Coordinators.  Information Source: Broadcast_A Mailing List.


Comment by Grant M. Waldman on December 15, 2010 at 4:12pm

Here's a poem for your consideration Richard.  AHO!!Trust.doc

Comment by Richard Fairchild on December 15, 2010 at 4:04pm

Format check.  Please ignore.  It will be deleted.

Comment by Shining Raven on December 15, 2010 at 3:55pm

This piece concerns the ManKind Project Journal and was sent to the Broadcast A List by Boysen Hodgson.


Men   As you may have heard, I been given the opportunity to work on the ManKind Project Journal as the Interim Editor until some time in 2011. 


There are some changes coming to the Journal - and I would love to have your help. 

  • STREAMING CONTENT format - this means that your submissions will hit the Journal as I receive them rather than on a quarterly basis
  • SPLIT PUBLICATION - in addition to the public content on the Journal, we will have a password protected section of the Journal to have the internal discussions happen that need to happen.
  • OPEN THEME - what do you have going on? What do you see going on in the culture? What's up with men? Your Thematic pieces are still welcome! - and so is everything else!
  • MORE ART - I know we have a whole bunch of talented artists, photographers, musicians, poets and storytellers out there ... BRING IT. 
  • SYNDICATION - we will be syndicating content from several other sources, would you like your blog entries, articles and papers included? Let me know.SPLIT PUBLISHING - The bulk of the Journal will continue to be publicly produced and published - and soon we will also have a Warrior only section, password protected
  • EDITORIAL BOARD - I am looking for 7-10 men to commit to being a part off the ongoing evolution of the Journal. These men will help with content development and submissions, will commit to writing on a regular basis and will commit to getting the word out wide about the MKP Journal in their communities. MY HOPE is that I can attract a diverse group of men to help with this, Age, Geography, Orientation, Race. I want to have voices from a spectrum of men to be heard and broadcast.
  • ADVERTISING ? - would your business or group be interested in having a block ad or banner ad on the ManKind Project Journal? We are looking at ways to make that happen. We would like to make the Journal self-sustaining and help support continuing development and expansion.

I look forward to working with and hearing from more of you. 


Love and Service, 




Boysen Hodgson | H2O Marketing, Inc.

Designing change and building bridges.


ManKind Project Marketing Team Chair

53 Newhall Street | Springfield, MA 01109
Skype: boysen.hodgson | 413.241.7119

Cell: 413.883.2462



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