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Wow! MKP in Canada! How Absolutely Cool is That? Very, Very Cool, My Brothers...

I'm John Stanton, Living Leopard. Went through the Weekend November, 1994 in the MKP/DC community. Weekend work was around a military Cold War experience of getting blown-up by a car bomb rolled-in by the Badder-Meinhoff gang in Heidelberg, Germany. As a result, I got PTSD & ASD. Already had ADD & ADHD to start. [I got enough Ds to host an entire month of Sesame Street. That was a joke – a joke!] The Weekend started my journey of healing in the arms of MKP men.

My sudden presence in MKP Canada chat is because a man who lives a few doors down, in the U.S. here spends 8-9 months in Canada tending to a love affair that looks like real a winner. I choose not to identify this man nor his whereabouts here or in Canada.

This man is in my experience, the typically lost white male of significant privilege and social entitlement. And, he is used to having “things” easily come to him instead of having to fight like those of less privilege so often need tIo because of being sadly, relegated to struggle because of less education, birth placement, race, class, looks, differences, connections, stature, etc. He clearly appears to have lived a charmed life where what he needs comes to him without much struggle.

This town, on the East coast of the U.S is loaded with men working such senses  of entitlement. As they get older, many start wondering why the answers they seek about leading an empowered life are not “coming to them” easily. Here, from my viewpoint, most tend to become the true victims of the privileged lives that they have led.  In their search for the true meaning of their own lives as men, they sense with MKP [or elsewhere] its not about being “given to them.” The lesson of authentic, meaningful struggle appears lost on so many I encounter, mostly all quite socially charming men!

In my earlier MKP years, had way too much ownership around a man's decision to attend the Weekend. Years of maturity, stronger and more powerful as a man, other men seem to see "things" in me and want it for themselves. Many drop “hints” about arriving at some empty, meaningless place in their lives. Most appear to be living the classical life of silent desperation.

Sadly, the preponderance of these men run away fast once I share my MKP truth. ”I can not give you what you need; your going to have to take a risk; take the leap and commit to the Journey because I'm not here to make your jump over the cliff an easy, safe, smooth cruise. Ask questions. I'll answer them, if I see you are ready to hear. Take some time to absorb the messages various Centers are sending-out on their web sites. Either go or don't go now, OK? But, please stop telling me how empty your life is along with your unwillingness to really do anything about it. There is a path. It is one path. It is a good path. It is not a perfect path.

I believe men need and trust a hard, tough edge when appropriate. But, I'm not that hard that I don't silently grieve for these men – the men who want it all easy without the stones to take the risk. WHERE I HAVE ARRIVED WITH IT ALL - "Either go see my Brothers in Canada or just shut the fuck-up about your miserable life, OK?!"

I've offered to staff the man's Weekend, [9 staff-ings here] provided Canada approves and should the man ask. So, I checked-out MKP Canada to discover four(4) Centers there. Whoa!  Way to go, men!!!! We shall see. We shall see. I am sad about these gutless men. I am sharing my sadness here. He may make it. He may not. We shall see. MKP Canada seems quite an alive and vibrant community! Have zero doubt around you men. MKP Canada looks real, clean, crisp & juicy from what I'm seeing on your sites. GREAT HOME PAGE VIDEO, too! I get the authentic in it. It's GREAT!

I could see coming up to staff this man's Weekend in Canada, if accepted, and in also meeting [somewhere...?...] Dudley Doo Right who always rescued Sweet Nell from being tied-up on the railroad track by Snidely Whiplash in the cartoons of my youth. [That was a joke - it was a joke, OK?]  Keep-up the great work and keep sending down all that crisp, cold air. I love it!

Warmest - Johnny (#13 in the greeting)

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