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New Warrior from South Africa seeking connections in Canada

My intention in connecting is that I have a desire to visit and look at emigrating to Canada.
I have a love of LKS, and am very keen to learn about the First Nation who brought the amazing space of the lodge into my life and that of MKP.
I have 7 staffings and no MOS thus far.
As a coach I have found that GUTS is a place I like to stretch myself.
My lifestyle is outdoors.
My wife and I live on a small holding with two horses, 3 dogs, rabbits & chickens.
We have built our house and a small wedding venue from straw bales.
Our home is situated close to a small village called Napier, near the southern most tip of Africa.
My shadows are around arrogance born of deep shame from childhood trauma.
MKP enabled me to love a part of myself I hid from the world.

Let's start a conversation, I want to learn about Canada and Canadians.
Eagle Owl

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Mark, welcome to the site!

I was born in Northern Ontario, moved to Toronto, then Saskatchewan and have lived in Alberta for over 33yrs.  I have one son from a previous marriage and live with Pam who has one daughter ... we both share 5 grandchildren from our children.  We are not quite retired with Pan continuing her psychologist practice and I have transitioned from IT sales management to being a handyman.  We just got back from visiting my brother in British Columbia.  We travelled thru an orchard area in British Columbia called Creston and brought home apples, peaches and strawberries.  Most are going into our dehydrator (strawberries in there right now) so we can use them later.  We have a camper van that we use to explore Canada & USA and we enjoy being close to nature.  There are many beautiful places to camp and some are very secluded without any cost.  One of my favorite places around Cadomin in Alberta (Google Earth that) and the Cardinal Divide.  I motox bike in the mountains with my son (he is 28 now and has been riding since he was 6) and ski.  Our Alberta community is having a First Nations NWTA on Sept 12. 

Hi Mark - I rarely log into this site and so I'm not sure where you are with this now. However, I was happy to ready your post. I was born and raised in and around Cape Town and so I feel curious to know more about you and your journey. I live on Vancouver Island and feel blessed by the mens community here - I don't participate as much as I would like to. I also lead some initiatives with dad's at my son's school and have a very diverse background that includes intentional community, training and professional experience as a dancer and body worker, and now I am a tow-truck driver... go figure. :-)

I miss South Africa, and yet don't feel that my place is there. I have a brother in Cape Town. I am curious about the MKP  community there since I school friend of mine has moved to this area and it turns out he went through the nwta in South Africa - Simon Lamond.

I have filled my life to capacity at the moment, so my turn around time on communication is not the fastest - and I'm open to connecting more. 

I will be staffing (my 3rd) at the annual NWTA that is held close to where I live here on Vancouver Island (Shawnigan Lake) in the beginning of April.


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