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I am putting together a framework for a new multiculturalism initiative for MKP Canada and I am excited to hear other men's views on this. Please add your ideas!!


Mike Lavendel

Patient Fox / renard patient


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Are you frustrated with processes that tell you what you need to know?
Had enough "man-speak" to last you a lifetime?
How do you feel when MKP tells you that you need a multicultural training for your LT-3?
What about prejudice, discrimination and bias? Would you consider looking at them in your life; workplace; home; or other environment?
Fed up with all the e mail lists that restrict what input is allowed??
Here's your chance to speak out about what all this means to you now, so that MKP Canada can create structure that REALLY reflects Canadian's feelings.
Add your ideas to this forum.

My therapist sez I'm gay and that I like females

because I am a frustrated lesbian trapped inside

of a mans body! Can you believe that shit?

Actually, being raised in Washington, DC, I'm a black man

walking around in a white mans body. That ain't easy between

the two of us, at times. But we try.

If my skin is white, but my culture is black, who am I? And, why

 give a shit about either. I am a human to start. Fuck the rest!

MKP as an organization has entitlement to require whatever is required

 for men to achieve various leadership tracks. That is what it is and that

 ain't going to change.

Insofar as the editing and censorship of "offensive" language around MKP

 multi-cultural forums? That's Hitler shit! That's the tyranny of censorship!

 I would fight that shit and if I couldn't have free speech (Even if its offensive)

 I'd just check-out and find another group (non-MKP) to play with.

Censorship is just tyranny under any banner of social rightousness!

"Freedom of expression is not a required sacrifice to achieve cultural tolerance."

            - Me

Cultural bigots expressing themselves is a lot better than

 silent cultural bigots, hiding-out, eh? In the end, its all

 about power - who's got it and who wants' it...

Some of the most prejudiced bigots that I've ever known have

 been some of the men working the MKP multiculturalism circuits.

 For them, its not about stamping-out bigotry, but in enforcing their

 own ideas and private brands of dysfunctional, specialized bigotry shit.

Lots of luck, here! Shadows can rage. And at times,

 shadows can win it all here, too...

Mike - Can you break-down this piece of code-speak for me, please?

            I'm lost on - "REALLY reflects Canadian's feelings." What does

            it mean?

                      " that MKP Canada can create structure that REALLY

                           reflects Canadian's feelings."

Does it mean - that as a community of mostly white males of special

                           privilege, were JUST FINE with things as they are?

Does it mean - we differ in the goals here as intended by MKP?

Does it mean - were doing just fine pissing all over our indigenous

                           like the U.S. does because as non-whites with little

                           to no real power, who cares about them?

Does it mean - ...?...

Help me out here, please Mike, OK?

Thanks - John

I see yr also in Montreal, I am new here and love to speak to you more

The cost of going through an MKP Weekend is an  automatic, exclusionary class filter that has made MKP/GW gatherings look as white as a busload of ski jumpers from Finland in one of the more culturally diverse cities in the US, Washington, DC. It used to be called "MKP/DC" but, when all of the black men up and left, renaming it MKP/GW (Greater Washington) kinda solved that little embarrassment.

Then comes the "Let's subsidize some none white dudes to get 'em in here some we don't l so white."   Subsidized men don't do so well because subsidizing them removes their investment / commitment to getting through the Weekend.

Multi-Culti in most organizations (not just MKP) is where "righteous" strap-hangers spend big money from the organization flying all over the country going to meetings, not leaving much resources for implementing any programs that do much. But, flying around having cozy meetings under the righteous banner of Multi-Culti (EEO) is a cool gig. Mult-Culti righteousness covers it all up. ("Be ashamed because your white - we are all so white andI'm righteous by spending all this money,  wrapped in mye flag of social justice, having one cool ass time, you uncaring white pricks!"

Most white men really don't care and they'll express dozens of rationales as to why STAYING


The end result? Lots of white men, regardless of any mult-culti effort.  So, Let's send BIG BUCK

 going to garden spots to talk about OUR MKP multi-culti adopted black kid used as the "Cover

 Mascot" and the  college fund for him.

Bottom line results? Not much. Racism just goes covert and white become better at

 covering theirs up and learning new racist code speak, even in MKP.


MKP bought into the man's social control shit of segregating and isolating men by race.

Multi-Culti is just the result of isolating men by race from each other. Been going on for

100s of years and sadly MKP bought into it all.

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