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Steve is a Lodge Keeper that lives in New Mexico.  At our last NWTA in Alberta, Steve volunteered to mentor men in Canada who desired to know more about Lodge Keepers Society (LKS).   In Alberta we are planning for Steve to be at the Aug 24-26, 2012 Renewal Weekend near Edmonton.  Steve will be prepared to provide LKS training to men that weekend.  He is also prepared to mentor men in LKS at other times ... including at NWTA's.  His contact info is ... Steve Ninneman 575 770-3053

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Hello there,

What is Lodge Keeper Mentoring?

A MKP Lodge Keeper is a man who is trained in leading sweat lodges.  We have a portable sweat lodge in AB  that we use on New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) weekends and renewal weekends.  We mostly follow Cree traditions.
Lauri Andersen said:

Hello there,

What is Lodge Keeper Mentoring?

I was trying to imagine what a Lodge Keeper was...;o)....I was thinking of the mens group Promise Keepers!  I thought it might be a group of men who are learning how to be good husbands.  ;o)

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