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I am redeclaring as an Elder within MKP.

A couple of years ago I withdrew from most elder activity within the project.

I had come to realize how I was using elder roles to feed my lover addict tendencies; an addiction that I had lived in most of my adult life as a way of surviving. 

My Spiritual and MKP work had made it clear to me how the lover addict style had neutered my warrior and blocked my ability to be a well rounded man.

Besides withdrawing from elder roles I hot-seated for leader track and I have been a LIT on 9 NWTAs over the past 3 years. 

Through the LIT role and other work I feel I have got to a much more aware place and am better able to express my manhood in all four quadrants within MKP and in my life.

I have been retired from full time work for 6 months and, through the life visioning I have been doing, have decided to focus my activity in MKP leadership from an elder perspective. 


Within MKP I am involved in the unfolding of our amazing new centre “MKP-British Columbia” and its connection with the new umbrella organization “MKP-Canada.”

My intention is to continue in these roles and to request the appropriate blessings to become a Ritual Elder In Training (REIT). It is my intention to continue to express my life in joy, compassion, and energy as a mature balanced warrior within MKP and in all other aspects of my life.


I hate the ‘journey metaphor’ for life 

and it seems I’m on one. 

A journey on which I am truly blessed, and almost every day see it, and accept it. 

I am humbled by the love, support that I have received from the countless expressions of Spirit that have shown up in my life, over the past 68 years. I am deeply indebted to parents, siblings, lovers, partners, friends and even the numerous nemeses that that keep showing up as mirrors for me.


There has been a lot of back and forth about a guy my age being on leader track. 

I have been blessed to work with many amazing certified men of the same age demographic as me. 

Other men I respect are on the leader track have long passed their 50th birthday. 

So it is important for you to know that:

My decision is in no way an expression of my acceptance of the perspective that someone my age should not be on leader track


My decision is certainly not an expression that I didn’t think I could become a co-leader.


I am making a personal decision to become a powerful elder in my life and to take those roles with MKP.


May all men show up powerfully in ways that serve themselves and bless those around them.

May all men over 50, kick butt in ways that suit them and collectively we will redefine assumptions about age, energy and contribution in society and MKP.


Love and Blessings


Relentless Tiger

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Merry meet brother

Thank you for sharing your words while the journey metaphor is often over used I find that many young elders in training eventually find there flow ... flow is when we feel deeply connected to all living things  and are rooted in routes and from us and to us all things converge it is in this place that while we journey and many great mysteries unfold we remain. It sound to me like you are nearing that place  :)

Talk soon

Great grandad with attitude


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